Boost staking rewards up to 5 times with MEV staking and liquid pools.

4 min readJan 25, 2024

XBANKING offers several DeFi products to help you generate passive income from your cryptocurrency.

MEV Staking

Liquid pools


Dual Investment

In this article, we will cover all the services and explain the higher profitability compared to regular native staking.

We will not go into complicated terms, so that the article would be easy to understand.

MEV Staking. Get up to 5 times the rewards for staking.

XBANKING offers innovative MEV staking services that are as reliable, safe as traditional native staking, but with greater profitability.

MEV has become a much-discussed topic in recent years, progressing from a niche area of research to a full-fledged ecosystem and a lucrative source of stakers revenue.

MEV (Maximal Extractable Value) is derived when a miner or validator extracts additional profit by changing the order of transactions in the block they are about to include in the blockchain. Extractable Value has gone from a semi-legal and harmful practice for the network to a decentralized solution used validators. Using MEV Boost can now increase from staking revenue — 75% and more.

MEV is similar to insider trading: a validator knows what will happen in their block and how it will affect DeFi applications and exploits this to their advantage.

As of 2023, 98% of our validators are using MEV Staking Boost.

Below is a table comparing the different types of staking and you’ll see why MEV staking from our platform is more profitable and just as reliable and safe as traditional (outdated) staking:

MEV Staking, unlike traditional (native, outdated) staking, has significantly higher profitability, the same safety and security of assets.

Use MEV staking on the XBANKING platform and get higher yields!

MEV Staking:

Liquid pools. High profit from your cryptocurrency.

Liquidity is a fundamental part of both the crypto and financial markets. It is the manner in which assets are converted to cash quickly and efficiently, avoiding drastic price swings.

The tokens you place in liquidity pools on the XBANKING platform are used to create Concentrated Liquidity Market Making (CLMM) and provide liquidity for decentralized applications — high yield services that allow you to offer you, high yields from liquid pools.

Place tokens in liquid pools XBANKING if you want to ensure high yield and safety of assets.

Liquid pools:

Restaking. Place liquid staking tokens.

Restaking is a concept first introduced by the XBANKING project — this is the first project to develop this idea and produce products related to it. The idea of ​​Restaking is to re-stake liquid staked tokens to provide security and make it possible for stakers (users) to receive rewards.

XBANKING is a restaking marketplace that allows you to deposit your Liquid staking tokens (LST) into different pools that support various applications and services on the blockchains ecosystem. By doing so, you are not only earning staking rewards from your LSTs, but also restaking rewards from the pools you join.

XBANKING currently supports restaking LST tokens: stETH, rETH, wsTON, stTON, bTON and others.

Restaking will allow you to earn additional income, from tokens previously placed into liquid staking.

Dual Investment. Short-term investments with high, guaranteed returns.

Dual Investment — an innovative high-yield structured financial product designed for investors seeking higher returns from their cryptocurrency investments. Dual Investment allows investors to invest in cryptocurrencies, leveraging the liquidity of the crypto market to maximize potential earnings. By utilizing Concentrated Liquidity Market Making (CLMM) from decentralized exchanges.

You can select the duration that best aligns with your investment strategy. Our advanced algorithms monitor market conditions and adjust strategies to provide guarantee returns.

Dual Investment service offers maximum returns from your cryptocurrency.

Fixed terms of 1, 3, or 5 days to place your assets are used.

Let’s summarize:

XBANKING allows you to earn passive income from your cryptocurrency.
If you are using HOLD strategy, you don’t need to just keep your cryptocurrency on your wallet, it is better to get high passive income from it with asset security. Our DeFi products will suit you for this purpose.

The tokens are locked on the network and only you have access to them. This is the main advantage of the non-custodial DeFi services that we offer.

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