Instructions for using the staking platform XBANKING.

Jan 11, 2023
You need to go to
Go to the application by clicking “Launch app” in the upper right corner
Fill out a simple registration form.
The “wallets” section is your cryptocurrency wallets for each token. Use the “Deposit” button to top up your wallet balance or the “Withdraw” button to withdraw funds.
After clicking on “Deposit”, you need to select the desired asset and network, then copy the address below and make a transfer to this address from the exchange or any of your wallets.
After you make a deposit to your wallet on the platform, go to the “Wallets” section and you will see the funds credited to your account.
To place assets in staking, go to “Earn”, select the desired asset and by changing the term of the asset placement, you will see the APR (yield) percentage changing on the left. Once you have selected the desired conditions and terms of placement, click “Subscribe”.
In the window that opens, specify the amount you want to place in the stack, the term of placement. After that, below will appear the term of placement, annual APR yield and the network commission for placing the asset in the blockchain.Click “subscribe” and wait for the message that your asset has been posted to Staking. Done!. When specifying the amount to place, keep in mind that you need to leave funds to pay the blockchain network placement fee (indicated at the bottom of the screenshot).
In the “History” section you can see the list of placed assets, amount, APR, date of placement and date of releasing assets from staking. After the end of the staking period, the assets will automatically go to your XBANKING wallet.