Our secret #1: Why are we the most profitable staking?

In this issue of “Our Secret” Digest, we’ll tell you why our digital asset staking pools have higher yields than the average staking rates on the market for such services.

Our sophisticated, innovative smart contracts and interaction technologies with our own or affiliate validators, allow you to get more return on your stake, using some of the methods we’ll cover in this issue.

  1. Validator Commission.

Using our own or partner validators we set a minimum or zero validator commission, which increases the profitability of staking by 1–4%

2. Use of liquid derivatives.

When we staking some digital assets, we get liquid derivatives in return. As an example, consider staking Ethereum tokens (ETH).

By staking this asset, we get liquid derivatives in the form of one of the types of tokens stETH, dsETH, wstETH, sETH, stETH or another.

These derivative assets can be used to place in certain types of pools, such as bicurrency investments, liquidity pools, lending, yield farming, liquid swaps and other financial products.

Thus, as long as the underlying asset is in a bet, its derivative receives additional profit, which is factored into the total APR we offer on that asset.

When using liquid derivatives, the additional yield from staking can be quite different, depending on how they are used. 10–20–30% or more.

3. Yield farming

Income from staking on assets placed in our long term pools can be used in part for income farming.

Yield farming is income from cryptocurrencies for placing your cryptoassets in a liquidity pool.

A liquidity pool is a set of cryptocurrency tokens locked into a smart contract. Liquidity pools are used to provide centralized and decentralized trading, lending in the DeFi space.

Users who place their assets in a pool are called liquidity providers. Rewards can accrue in provided cryptocurrencies or platform tokens.

There is no risk of this type of additional return, thanks to our monitoring technology in case of “impermanent loss”.

In case of even a small portion of the asset imbalance in the pool, the assets are instantly withdrawn from the pool. We work only with the highest quality service providers.

Using Yield farming returns can increase by 1–1000% depending on the asset received as a reward.

4. Lending.

Part of the derivatives (see paragraph 2) can be used to place on lending platforms to borrow the asset we need, for later placement in safe yield pools. Thus, the yield can increase by an average of 3–10%

5. Other technologies and methods.

We will not be able to disclose all methods and technologies to increase the profitability of the prime rates. We have described only those methods that are known to the general public.

In fact, we use about a dozen of these DeFi methods and technologies to work with derivatives and underlying assets.


All actions are automatically controlled using modern and reliable smart contracts or other technological solutions that are completely safe for our users.

There is no risk of losing an underlying asset placed with our or a verified validator.

All these features help us to achieve a much higher return on staking for our clients as opposed to competing projects.

Use XBANKING as a reliable and highly profitable provider of staking services for your digital assets.

p.s.: Check out our security solutions in this article.


Site: https://xbanking.org

Twitter: https://twitter.com/xbanking

Telegram: https://t.me/xbanking

YouTube: https://youtube.com/xbanking




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