Referral program XBANKING.

3 min readMay 4, 2023

Invite your friends and get 10% of any of their earnings!

We launched a transparent, understandable, convenient and very profitable referral system for anyone who wants to earn a passive income by attracting customers to XBANKING.


You will receive 10% of the income of any referral you attracted indefinitely, if they place any tokens (except XB) into the staking, in any amount for the duration of your referral link.

There is no withdrawal fee.

The minimum withdrawal amount — 1 USDT TRC-20, the maximum withdrawal amount — unlimited.

Terms of the referral program

  • You can invite an unlimited number of people through your referral link.
  • Rewards are paid for any tokens placed in staking, except for XBANKING tokens — XB.
  • The duration of the referral link is not limited.
  • For every token placed in staking by your referral, you will be rewarded every time, regardless of the timing of placement and the number of tokens — always.
  • You can have any number of referral links, with any number of accounts.
  • You are allowed to post your referral links in social networks, blogs, websites, messengers and any other Internet sources.


Click “Bonus center” icon.

In new window click “Login”.

After click “Login”, the window MetaMask will open where you need to click “Sing” (sign a digital certificate of access to the referral program). This request will not trigger a blockchain transaction or cost any gas fees. It’s needed to authenticate your wallet address.

This will close the Login and Metamask windows. Click the Bonus Center icon again.

Your referral program window will open.

  1. Copy your referral link and invite your friends. Get 10% of their profits.
  2. Enter your USDT TRC-20 address here to withdraw your earnings from the referral program.
  3. It displays the number of your referrals and the income received from them.
  4. By clicking this button you can withdraw all accumulated USDT to your wallet.
  5. With these buttons you can quickly post a message about the project XBANKING with your referral link on Twitter, Telegram or Facebook.
  6. Exit the referral system.
  7. Open this documentation.

Learn more on our website:, on telegram: or twitter:




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