Staking Ordinals (ORDI). Passive income from Ordinals (ORDI).

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How much money can I earn staking Ordinals (ORDI)?

If you have ORDI, you are likely looking for ways to grow your crypto and may have heard of ORDI staking.

You can earn up to 8% APR on Ordinals (ORDI) staking.

ORDI staking results in you having more ORDI than you started with. You will also benefit from any increase in its price during that period.

XBANKING offers the highest yields from staking your ORDI.

What is Ordinals (ORDI) staking?

Staking ORDI or any other cryptocurrency is considered an alternative to mining that requires significantly fewer resources. With staking, you essentially lock up your cryptocurrency in exchange for receiving rewards.

Although there is no direct ORDI staking, XBANKING offers to place your ORDI in liquidity pools, which is very safe and guarantees high passive income.

XBANKING is one of the largest providers of staking and liquid pools for over 140+ tokens on 40+ networks.

Staking ORDI can earn you rewards, passively increasing the amount of ORDI you hold. Staking rewards are like earning interest with a regular savings account.

However, the gains made by crypto staking can potentially be larger. Rewards often come from transaction fees collected by the blockchain, or as new tokens drawn from the network.

These rewards encourage people to keep their money in the network and support its functionality.

Liquidity and engagement

Platforms gain more liquidity and capital by allowing ORDI owners to put their coins in liquidity protocols or use them for staking. This helps make these networks more stable and supports their growth. This wider interest helps keep the blockchain ecosystem healthy and working as intended.

How safe is it to place Ordinals (ORDI) into staking?

If you use the services of the XBANKING platform, it is as safe as possible. Your ORDI are locked into the network and no one but you has access to them, and smart smart contracts automate this procedure.

How to stake Ordinals (ORDI)?

  1. Go to, click Launch App.

2. Find the Ordinals (ORDI) liquidity pool and click on it.

3. Connet wallet.

4. Specify the amount of Ordinals (ORDI) you want to staking and click Confirm Staking.

5. Confirm the transaction. Done!

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