Staking Polyhedra Network (ZK) token. How to stake Polyhedra Network (ZK) and Earn Rewards?

2 min readMar 31, 2024
Polyhedra Network (ZK) staking

What is Polyhedra Network (ZK)?

Operator of a decentralized identity platform intended for building the infrastructure of web3. The company’s platform implements infrastructures for Web3 interoperability across heterogeneous systems which guarantees strong security without extra trust assumptions, enabling users with privacy extensions and a novel distributed proof system.

How much can I earn from staking Polyhedra Network (ZK) tokens?

If you place Polyhedra Network (ZK) tokens into staking on the XBANKING platform, you can earn up to 19% APR.

Note that the minimal amount for staking is 1 ZK token.

Staking Polyhedra Network (ZK). Step-by-step guide

Visit and click “Launch App”.

XBANKING staking provider

Find Polyhedra Network (ZK) staking pool:

Polyhedra Network (ZK) staking pool

1) Select network

2) Connect wallet

3) Enter amount

4) Confirm staking.


You can track your earnings from Polyhedra Network (ZK) token staking in the Dashboard section.


Staking ZK:







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