Staking Portal $PORTAL. How to Stake Portal (PORTAL) and Earn Rewards?

2 min readMar 4, 2024

What is Portal (PORTAL)?

Portal is a cross-chain gaming platform, with a mission to onboard more players to web3.0.

The Portal platform makes discovering and playing Web3 games seamless and easy. Via a single account layer, mainstream gamers can finally access the biggest network of web3 games with a frictionless experience. Gamers will be able to play games on all chains without needing to bridge/swap/buy additional tokens to play.

How much can I earn from staking Portal (PORTAL) tokens?

If you place Portal (PORTAL) tokens into staking on the XBANKING platform, you can earn up to 18% APR.

Note that the minimal amount for staking is 1 PORTAL token.

Staking Portal (PORTAL). Step-by-step guide

Visit and click “Launch App”.

Find Portal (PORTAL) staking pool:

1) Select network

2) Connect wallet

3) Enter amount

4) Confirm staking.


You can track your earnings from Portal (PORTAL) token staking in the Dashboard section.


Staking PORTAL:







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