Transparency Report. Feb. 2023. XBANKING (XB)

3 min readMar 6, 2023

We are the most transparent company in the market of crypto services, so we will publish Transparency Report on a monthly basis.

This is our story about the current state of the company, services and business development plans, including the token.


The staking and liquid staking business has shown a multidirectional trend. The infographic shows the company’s performance in this service market.

Yellow — Number of blocked assets at XBANKING validators without using platform.
Green — Number of users of services using the platform
Blue — Increase in the number of nominations through the platform

Currently there is a significant outflow of assets from own and partner validators for which there were nominations without using the platform.

This factor has a positive effect on the development of the platform, as the platform does not make profit from direct validation.

The growth in the number of platform users and the number of nominations through the platform has increased significantly and shows the continuation of stable growth. This indicates the popularization of the platform among users.

The launch of fully decentralized staking services, which will take place in March, instead of the current CeDeFi services, which can be distrusted by customers because not all of their assets are directly placed online but there is a custodian wallet, will greatly increase confidence in the project and show a large increase in customers and locked value of digital assets. And will help bring the project to a more leading position of staking services in WEB3.

After these changes, we expect an increase in the number of customers and blocked digital assets of several thousand percent.

Platform development in March 2023.

March 2023 will be one of the breakthrough and key months in the development of the staking platform due to the transition of services to fully non-custodial services.

Also in March, there will be an affiliate program and a personal account of the user, which will give the opportunity to manage the history and some services of the platform.


In April-May we expect a large increase in the company’s profits from steaking services and to bring the business to break-even point.
The costs of platform maintenance, developers, and marketing will be significantly reduced.
The first payments on voting tokens (buyers of tokens at the “community sale” stage) are expected in May 2023, before the launch of DAO.

At the time of publication, the total TVL is $224,738,404 and which:

Blocked cost of own and partner validators, no markup on profits.

As well as $949,300 of blocked assets through the platform.


Since the launch of XB token in public sale, as expected, its value shows almost daily growth and good price performance compared to most assets presented in the market.

When XB tokens went public (March 1) the starting price was $0.0995, at the moment the token price is already at $ 0.116, per token, which is a percentage gain in 7 days of +15.6%.

Due to the small capitalization and the company’s great desire to promote the token, we plan to achieve a consistent price performance of the token in the future.

Buying XB token at under $1 remains our recommendation.

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