Weekly News. 8–14 May. #2

3 min readMay 14


This week was more than successful for XBANKING. We want to tell you about the achievements of the project during the last week.

  1. We have listed the SUI token and it is now available for staking with an attractive APR. Staking: https://xbanking.org

2. XBANKING now supports the BRC-20 token format (IBTC) on various Polkadot ecosystem networks using the Interlay parachain. Interlay is a decentralized layer-1 network, powered by and optimized for Bitcoin.

3. XBANKING has completed integration with ByBit and is now an official verified broker. Soon services based on ByBit infrastructure will be implemented on XBANKING platform.

4. We chose Bitfinity Wallet as the DApp to integrate with the Internet Computer Protocol infrastructure because we believe it is the best and most reliable provider of storage and use of ICP products.

5. LFG! We’ve been chosen to be in Alchemy Amplify! We’re working with Alchemy platform to build WEB3 Non-custodial staking platform. Check out https://xbanking.org.

Glad to partner with frens like Alchemy Platform.

6. WE NOW SUPPORT SUI WALLETS: Suiet, Sui Wallet, ELLI Wallet, Ethos Wallet, GlassWallet, Surf Wallet, Martian Sui Wallet, Morphis Wallet, Nightly Wallet, OneKey Wallet.

With these integrations into our staking ecosystem, we now support all Sui wallets.

7. We choose NovaWallet as the DApp to integrate into our Polkadot Network infrastructure because we believe it is the best and most reliable provider for storing and using Polkadot Network products and its parachains.

8. Place stablecoins in staking XBANKING with high returns. #USDC — up to 14% APR #USDT (ERC20, TRC20) — up to 14% APR LIMITED OFFER. Staking: https://xbanking.org

More info: Twitter, Website, Telegram.