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We launched the XBANKIGN DAO.

Create votes and discussions about changes in XBANKING. Get potential profits from the project’s revenues. Suggest changes to improve the project. Communicate, enjoy all the benefits of DAO.

Any XB token holder can become part of our decentralized community.

Vote for projects and decisions, communicate with DAO members, make suggestions, proposals and much more. Full management of XBANKING through our DAO.

What is a DAO?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is an organization governed by smart contracts, self-executing pieces of code that run on a blockchain. DAO members deliberate and make decisions that are then executed using these smart contracts. A DAO, in effect, can function without human maintenance and run continuously. Even if DAO members lose interest or abandon the project, the DAO’s framework will still live on due to its immutable nature.

DAOs allow any member to make proposals, while others may restrict this right to a certain group. DAOs are commonly used to manage DeFi (decentralized finance) projects, blockchain and other protocols in the cryptocurrency world.


Once up and running, the protocol works without interference from governing bodies. Users make transactions, and the smart contract monitors the performance of the parties’ obligations. If one party fails to comply with the terms of the transaction, it will not take place.

We want to involve users in the active management and development of the XBANKING ecosystem.

Developers can’t implement changes without consulting the community, and only add new code when members have accepted improvements.

Any member of the system can propose improvements to the decentralized protocol, and if the rest of the community votes for them, they will be accepted.

Information about all transactions is stored in the blockchain, and any user can always check what is happening in the network.

Therefore, DAO is not only a decentralized, but also a transparent project management system.

Benefits for XBANKING DAO members.

Decentralization, automation and transparency

The decentralized and transparent nature of a XBANKING DAO gives its members full responsibility for maintaining protocol. Moreover, DAOs are automated — thanks to smart contracts — and decisions are executed automatically.

Community Management

The right to make decisions in the organization is granted to each token holder.

The weight of the vote is proportional to the number of tokens a participant owns, but does not give them more rights or privileges.

Token holders have the right to promote changes that lead to further development of the protocol, making DAO a truly democratic space.

Potential return on investment and participation in XBANKING DAO.

  1. Owning a management token in XBANKING DAO is akin to owning shares in a startup at an early stage — if it later becomes successful, those shares will become extremely valuable.
  2. Members of XBANKING DAO, who are also token holders, are rewarded with a fixed percentage of the project’s profits.
  3. This helps build a more stable base of token users with long-term investment goals.
  4. Overall, it is this remuneration mechanism that sets DAO apart from other non-DAO projects.
  5. Sometimes XBANKING DAO gives out airdrops for DAO members and other rewards for commitment to the community.

All you need to be a member of XBANKING DAO are XB tokens, which you can buy or get for free.

Join DAO: https://xbanking.upstreamapp.com/

Website: https://xbanking.org

Telegram: https://t.me/xbanking

Twitter: https://twitter.com/strongbuycrypto




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