Become an Ambassador of the XBANKING Community

Start: 11.02.2023. End: 28.02.2023

The XBANKING Ambassadors set themselves the goal of making Staking profitable and accessible to everyone in the world.

Tell your entire audience about XBANKING and its services!

We are looking for Ambassadors in the communities of all countries!

Join today and become one of the leaders of the crypto space in your regions to start a new era of cryptocurrency staking.

The mission of the XBANKING Community Ambassador is to bring steaking to the masses through the development of the community.

Duties of the Ambassador:

📌Conduct weekly activities in your local community on Telegram and other social networks.

📌Provide support and professional advice to community members about using the platform and help users understand the XBANKING platform.


📌 Develop and expand the XBANKING community with exciting promotions

📌 Tell people about staking from XBANKING.

📌 Encourage active participation in your local communities.

Do you think you have what it takes to accomplish this mission?
Become an Ambassador of the XBANKING community today!

We’re ready to encourage the best applications (Top 25) to become an Ambassador by allocating 15.000 USDT for this purpose.

Create a youtube video or post a telegram/Twitter post about XBANKING (or both at once). The best videos and posts will share the total prize as follows: The top 10 videos will each receive 1,000 USDT and the top 25 posts will each receive 200 USDT.

Winners will be chosen among the highest quality content in the videos or posts. The visual quality of the video or photo does not matter.

If your activities become the best, we will choose you as our Ambassador and create all conditions for you to work and earn money.

To achieve maximum fairness in the distribution of the awards, the winners will be selected in a video broadcast of the Telegram Channel

Sources of information for your posts/videos: — website — read all posts — Telegram channel. read all posts. — why the profitability of our steaking is higher than the market for similar services.





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