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update (07/02/2023): 🔥We lowered the starting price of the XB token to $0.10. This is reflected on the chart as a price drop from $1 to $0.1, but that’s just setting the price of the token sale. Don’t pay any attention to it.

About XB token:

We start public sale of our own XB tokens of crypto asset staking project — XBANKING.

We want to introduce you more about the XBANKING token — XB.

It is not just an ERC-20 token that you can trade like most projects, but it is something much more.

We took an unprecedented step in the cryptocurrency world!

You know that we are not going to sell XB token as our profit comes from cryptocurrency staking, so we decided to burn all the XB tokens we have, leaving 500,000 to pay for staking.

There will be no more than 10,000,000 tokens in public sale and general turnover now and always, which at the current price is a capitalization of only $1,000,000.

We took this step for the prosperity of our community and to ensure that all token holders have the confidence to successfully invest and trade XB tokens.

No project has done this before because they make money on their own token and we don’t need that.

Now the token will be able to grow in value parabolically with so many tokens and a price of $0.10 per token.

Community and token holders are the most important thing for us, and we did it!

Now need to accumulate as many tokens as we can before we fly to the moon.

Soon the XB token will be rare 💎 and you will be able to experience all the privileges of owning it.

Rule #1: All for the community ❤️

The main purpose of the token:

✅ Voting on platform and user proposals.
✅ All available DAO participation opportunities (soon).
✅ Staking up to 100% APR (until December 31, 2023)
✅ Access to platform data and API.
✅ Distribution of profits from staking the platform.

Why is the price likely to rise consistently?

✅ The token has a deflationary model, every quarter we redeem the XB token at market price for a fraction of the XBANKING profit and burn those tokens, thus reducing the circulating volume and initiating a rise in value because of the large volume redemption at market price.

XBANKING will not sell XB tokens because the platform earns interest from staking, not from selling tokens.

✅ Our own market maker. We refused the services of market makers, whose offers were very numerous. They could not meet our conditions, which were created for our community. Knowing distribution, capitalization, blockchain, placement in stakes and many other factors, we have developed a unique mathematical model through which we can fix a lower price limit below which it cannot fall. Right now, the lower bound on the value of tokens is $0.099–0.10 per token. This is the lower limit below which the price cannot fall. The lower limit of a token’s value will increase as its value rises.

✅ Listing. In stages, over the course of 2023, we have created a plan to list on the CEX and DEX exchanges. The first stage is the DEX exchanges, some of which have already listed the token. We need this to determine the market price of the token and translate it to aggregators like CMC, Coingecko and many others. Most importantly, it’s to allow our community to buy the token at the lowest price in the history of the token. Then there will be planned listing on CEX exchanges of category 2 and 3, with which there is already an agreement and the last step is listing on TIER1 exchanges. This will all provide organic value growth.

✅ Community. We pay a lot of attention to creating a global community for the project. We run a large number of promotions and special offers. We’re organizing a global network of ambassadors. Our community is growing exponentially.

All of these unique properties of the token and our approach to promoting it can provide you with excellent returns from holding and staking XB token 🚀 .

About staking platform

XBANKING is one of the leaders (in the top 10) platforms for digital asset staking and now we have released our own token and are happy to offer it to you.

You will find out all the details about the staking platform, benefits, token, etc. by reading the information below.

We plan to make great strides in capitalization and price growth of XB token on the market, on a continuous basis.

Right now the offer to buy/sell token will only be available on the DEX exchanges, in the future we will list on the main CEX exchanges as well.

Start reading this article and you will realize that buying an XB token can provide high returns and a number of benefits.

Join our community of XB holders.

Using our staking platform is clear and accessible to any user. Getting additional increased profitability from crypto-assets staking has become easier thanks to XBANKING solutions.

Supports more than 14 networks for digital asset staking.

We place crypto-assets in 13 blockchain networks.

Have one of the most extensive rate offerings on the market.

Provide above market rate of return (APR) through various extra yield scenarios. (read more)

A large number of market-leading partners and verified validators.

We use thousands of our own and partners verified validator nodes.

All users’ digital assets are placed exclusively in the blockchain on the validator node and cannot be stolen or moved.

A large number of partners who are among the leaders in the market of steaking services guarantees high standards of work and complete safety (you can read about security features below).

T.V.L. XBANKING pools. As of 03.02.2023

The TVL of XBANKING pools is $211,749,372 as of the publication date and is growing steadily.

The analytics are based on Dune Analytics and use data from the blockchain and validator nodes.

Insurance. High safety, Support.

We offer attractive yields and the most favorable APR rates on the market, as well as complete security of your funds.

Our company is a large and reliable validator in the crypto ecosystem.

We serve over 25,000+ clients with TVL over $200,000,000 in digital assets across thousands of nodes.

The tokenomics of the project are well thought out and created for the benefit of the community and XB token holders.
1. 1.000.000 tokens were sold to the project’s community during the pre-sale phase.
2. 9,500,000 tokens will be in circulation for trading on DEX.

Quarterly buyback and token burning.

On a quarterly basis, XBANKING will buy back XB tokens at the market price from a portion of the staking profits and burn the purchased tokens, which reduces the circulating volume and ensures that the value of the token increases.

Place XB tokens in our staking pool at 100% APR.

Until December 31, 2023, the XBANKING platform has launched an XB token staking pool with a large APR of 100%.

Better than the competition?

We compared different staking platforms — Lido Finance (LDO), Rocket Pool (RPL) and XBANKING (XB) in order to understand the prospects of our project in terms of tokenomics and token value. For comparison we chose two leading platforms on the market.

Circulating Supply 839,850,588 LDO
Market Cap $1,871,167,888
Price: $2.23

Rocket Pool (RPL):
Circulating Supply 10,279,742
Market Cap $431,553,374
Price: $42.00

Circulating Supply 10,000,000
Market Cap: no trade
Price: $0.10 (public sale)

Comparing these projects we see the advantages of XBANKING (XB) over its main competitors in terms of price and tokenomics.
1. We have the smallest circulating volume, which guarantees the rapid growth of token price with the growth of capitalization.
2. The capitalization of the project is not formed. There will be a direct correlation between the price and trading volume, potential good growth.
3. The starting price of the token is much lower than possible highs.

At the same time, the RPL price growth for 5 days was 72%, and the LDO for 270 days of trading 578%. Учитывая высокую начальную цену токенов.

Other benefits of the platform:

TrustPilot — 4,5 stars.
Proof-of-Reserve — 101%
Asset collateral — 1:1
A large community of many countries.
Constantly growing infrastructure, TVL, number of users.
24/7 support on the site and in Telegram.


Smart contract: 0x33E80a92a9Ea73dD02f6e732D1702d58c68388cA

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