3 min readFeb 26, 2023
  1. Analytical company Crypto Insights published 2 posts 1. tokenomics (https://t.me/xbanking/350).

2. comparison with competitors. (https://t.me/xbanking/354) Calling us a rising star.

2.1 Ranks us from 1 to 10 in the top projects on CryptoRank (https://t.me/xbanking/352) that are viewed the most.

3. Moves completely to 100% non-custodial services in March (https://t.me/xbanking/349).

4. Our staking rates (https://t.me/xbanking/348) are higher than our main competitors. Here’s why. (https://xbanking.medium.com/our-secret-1-why-are-we-the-most-profitable-staking-65d93eee6e97) Over 13 blockchains.

5. Actively develop and promote ETH stacking (https://t.me/xbanking/344).

6. Meme contest. (https://t.me/xbanking/338)

7. Listing of tokens on 2 CEX exchanges in April. (https://t.me/xbanking/332)

8. Staking of XB token with 100% APR. (https://t.me/xbanking/331)

9. We “burned” 99% of XB tokens. and now no project, no team has tokens. XBANKING has 500,000 tokens left to pay for staking, the remaining 9,500,000 tokens are in free sale. The maximum possible number of circulating tokens is only 10.5 million. Any pressure to sell tokens by XBANKING is no longer possible. The new tokenomics and project: (https://xbanking.medium.com/start-public-sale-xbanking-xb-tokens-ed3f6f45597f) Huge potential for token growth.

10. Launch of ambassadors in Russia, Indonesia, Iran and other countries. Active work begins.

11. 10+ videos about us have already been shot on YouTube.

12. 7,897 readers on Twitter, among which there are famous projects and Influencers.

13. Ambassador Program. (https://t.me/xbanking/297)

14. Important points about the XB token. (https://t.me/xbanking/279)

15. 4,280 TG subscribers.

16. We host the most massive airdrop (https://t.me/xbanking/257) in the world. TOP 3. Hundreds of thousands of participants. Getting into all the rankings.

17. Links to all our resources and most important posts.(https://t.me/xbanking/244)

18. Start of token sales. (https://t.me/xbanking/263) Token price reduced to $0.10.

19. security (https://t.me/xbanking/253) project.

20. Token burning. (https://t.me/xbanking/236) Continuous emission reduction.

21. More than 70.000 tweets from ambassadors and customers. 87,800 tweet impressions this month. 46,800 profile views.

22. LINKS TO ALL OF OUR RESOURCES, (https://hipolink.me/xbanking)

23. The site is in 17 aggregators: cryptorank, livecoinwatch, nomics, lunacrush, etc.

24. TrustPilot score 4.6 (EXCELENT!)

25. Full analytics on balances and confirmation of reserves and assets. (https://t.me/xbanking/208)

26. June 9 DAO launch for voting, airdrop giveaways from all the projects we will have listed and more. For XB token holders only, the more XB tokens there are, the more share in the DAO action.

That’s too many reasons to buy an XB token.

Summary: You can not take our word for it, just ask community about the speed of the project and you will be told that it is mind-boggling, so much for such a short time is achieved, several projects, top news every day, then they write about us, shares and competitions, listings, partnerships, the popularity of the project is growing more than exponentially (just write in Twitter search xbanking and you will understand everything).

99% of tokens are in the burned stage, they will burning completely. There will ALWAYS be 10,500,000 XB tokens in circulation, and every quarter we will buy them back at market price from steaking revenue and burn them, which will significantly affect the price of tokens each time.

Neither the team nor the project as a whole owns any tokens, we have no way to pressure the price of a token, you can own all the tokens. We make money from staking and we don’t want to cheat the community, so we did as our wrote.

Right now the price of a token is only $0.10 and that is the lowest price the market will ever see. With each cent of growth, it will be irrevocably removed from the original price.

The planned minimum yield from token growth is 1000% (x10) ($1 per token). Why we will continue to advertise and promote the token as we started today and what is the benefit is a natural question. A token and its price points are the calling card of any project. Without the growth of the token and its popularity, few people will know about the project. After all, without a token, you can’t add a project to coinmarketcap and other aggregators and services, and for many other reasons.

Now the token is a gift to the community, with a huge need to grow it with us.

LINKS TO ALL OF OUR RESOURCES (https://hipolink.me/xbanking)

❗️Buy a token: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x67b0928f8025d8548a4475a80c5444aa8087fdbe




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